Metalcutting is Supporting Many High-tech Industries
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Metalcutting is Supporting Many High-tech Industries
As one of the affiliated companies of Powder Metallurgy Products & Tools Company of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, MMC RYOTEC CORPORATION is an integrated manufacturer of cemented carbide tools such as wear resistant tools, rock tools, cutting tools, and carbide blanks. In addition, MMC RYOTEC develops technologies such as super precision cutting and grinding. With its advanced technologies MMC RYOTEC is strategically expanding in the world cemented carbide tools market.
Recently more and more manufacturing industries have been moving their business activities from Japan to foreign countries. Meanwhile the development of new and innovative technologies is more and more active as the customers’ requirements for better solutions are increasing and diversified.
In order to follow such shifting market trends and to satisfy such customers’ needs in a timely and appropriate manner, MMC RYOTEC serves our customers with the best products which are manufactured based on the full utilization of production technologies supported by a rich and long experience in the industry. As a result, we have gained high reputation for highest quality, shortest lead-time and lowest cost supplier of cemented carbide tools.
Furthermore, working in closer collaboration with Mitsubishi Materials, all MMC RYOTEC plants have committed themselves to increase the capacity and to rationalize the manufacturing processes in order to remain competitive in the market.
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Metalcutting is Supporting Many High-tech Industries:WEAR-RESISTANT TOOLROCK DRILLING TOOLPRECISION TOOL
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